oh lordy

So. I am lazy. My house is disgusting- I didn't do anything all day. I have lots of homework- didn't do it. My dishes are dirty- haven't done them in 3 weeks. Maybe more. I finally got up at 8 pm after watching "The Office" all day long. Literally all day, save the 2 hour nap I managed to fit in between 5 and 7 pm. I skipped all of my classes. I don't remember the last time I did this and wasn't sick.

I've noticed a trend though: Usually I let things get really really really bad before I chin up and make themn good again. So this was the icing on the garbage can I guess. I went to Target tonight, where I spend 4 dollars and 9 cents on a fucking coffee. Then I went to Barnes and Noble, where I WORK IN THE CAFE and get 50 percent off. I didn't get upset because the trip to BN wasn't planned. It's cool, Starbucks deserves my hard earned dollars that they helped to give me. Working for the man, giving back to the man. Super.

I also misplaced 100 Years of Solitude, which I am reading for a class for which the reading now is not necessarily imperative, but I read it anyway because it consoles me to think that I'm doing SOME homework, even though the important homework hasn't been touched. I also picked up The Road at work tonight. It's reallllly good. He writes in fragments. I lovehate that.

Last night Kelly and I went to seve47 for my first time. It didn't hurt that bad, but I bled a little. Everyone was a frat or sorost. And a shitty band played. We had to pay 3 dollars each to get in, but we were drunk so it was cool.We also went to Logan's and Othello's. Order those backwards, you'll have the course of the evening. The bartender at Logan's gave us some free shots that were actually big drinks. This after a bottle of wine and 2 tequila tonics. Yum. Then we danced on the dance floor with some dude and his friend. One of them gave me his hat. I just remembered that part. Then we went to Pita Pit, where I tried to make them put bacon on my falafel sandwich. I was found out though- I didn't pay for bacon. Then we ordered pepperoni pizza and I ate that too and also ate it all day today. God, I felt like a fresh 19 year old with a fake id.

So, I blame today on last night.

This weekend though: it's gonna be good. I can feel it in my bones. "Good" meaning I'll do my homework. geez.

Had a dream that Kelly wanted to cuddle all night and lots of other crazy shit happened so that when I woke up I was confused and thought that all of it really happened. I was hungover too. I'm not allowed alchohol anymore.

p.s. Haven't seen Ralf in a week or so; I'm going to decide that it's a good thing. He is an unpractical crush. Still, half the reason I went to BN tonight was because I thought he might be there, and we could wax mathematics and gaze dreamily into each other's bespectacled eyes (if I'd remembered my glasses). Guess he must have been at Starbucks.

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Lindsay said...

i've always secretly wanted to go to the sev. what are you doing tonight?