not so dreamy dreams

there's a girl in here who looks like ms. teen south carolina. she's one of "those girls" who wakes up 2 hours early every morning to do her hair and makeup and get dressed in the clothing she picked out last night. she's blonde, styled in a pathetic attempt at a pompadour (also soooo 2 seasons ago)and wears a turquoise jersey dress, carefully matched with

oh shit i just started to remember my dream from this morning. scratch that before stuff, i don't care about her. this is the shit dreams are made of:

Jay, dad of the kids I babysit for calls and leaves a message. I think he's calling cause I'm late to babysit (maybe I was supposed to and forgot). But actually he wants to see if I want to come over and hang out. He's rented "Secretary" and we could watch that and I could play with the kids and have a good time. Angie's out of town. I was freaked out. All this meanwhile I'm doing some kind of Catechism class with my sister and brother and Chris Clinton and Kyle D and lots of others and it's in Malibu or something- everything is musky, grey. As per my dreams usual. So I'm not really good at this Catechism thing- there are lots of tests to prove yourself and if you get too many questions wrong, you die. There was a car too and we drove around A LOT. A fat woman was scared and in charge, she knew more than me for certain. Anyhow, I think there was a way to come back to life- like Jesus Resurrected- but I was terrified the whole time nonetheless. I went into a bathroom at a break to tell someone about it.

Then I was in Forever21 (This is the SECOND dream I've had in the past week about that store) looking at clothes that were on sale. I had omnly cash- about 40 dollars or so (actually it was exactly the amount I had after yesterday's cashing of 68 dollars and 51 cents and having spent 37 of it during the day). So, I'm looking and I'm also on the lam and whaddya know but Jay is there on the floor of the store eating cheetos and watching "the game" He's also drunk because he's an alchoholic and went out drinking with his work buddies before coming home/forever21. The clothes were frilly and summery and I was looking through some babydoll dresses and ended up with a huge pile. I kept taking off my shoes. At first nobody worked there but then a snobbish couple showed up and they were judging me. I was eating a sandwich and a salesman came around, he knew me and was nice but i needed to avoid him.

Then Jay's kids were there and they wanted to help me pick out underwear. There was a whole part of the store I hadn't noticed at first, with new clothes. the bras were all small and rainbow striped and i pulled one apart. They looked like training bras, and just came apart at the center chest seam, like taffy or a spiderweb.

Somehow I left, ended up at school in an shiny marbley florescent administrative hall with lots of doors and offices with windows and innuendos (sp?) to previous dreams from months ago and walked out and left the dream forever.

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