is amazing.
amazing. i want to stay here forever.
that's all.

and it's fucking hot.

okay, that's all.


oh my goodness gracious

kelly and i are in marseilles.
i am in love, but not with kelly.
and not with france.
okay, maybe both kind of.
the beach here has sand that is really rocks.
rocks. really.
the ocean is light blue and warm at night. well, not warm but comfortable.
the hostel is fucking hot at night and i sweat and sweat. i will have to take three showers a day.
french improving, it's strange that i actually understand people when they speak to me.
in clermont before kelly came i went to a mountain lake, saw three world cup france matches (france lost the last one-- domage). i am in the home city of zinadine zidane, the most famous football player. or one of the most famous.
kelly and i are trying to find an h and m. we do not have a city map.
i also climbed a mountain in clermont, a volcanic one. or it was next to a volcanic one, i don't remember.
i have eaten A LOT of cheese. more than ever before i think.
i don't regret it.
not so much wine as beer, and i have to quit smoking.
french people are still weird, even though i understand them.
i want to smoke hashish.
i went to le-puy en velay and saw the oldest cathedral i have ever seen in my life.
10th century. it's a small town and everyone knows eachother.
the french people think it's boring, i think it's old and cobbled and beautiful.
the country side is fantastic and green and also beautiful.
the french people think it's no big deal.
we ate at a fancy french restaurant and the mayor was there too and
i ate rabbit.
it was delicious. and bony. i didn't like the bones.
oh that was probably the best meal i will eat in years.
hopefully not though.
okay, i have more but nothing else i have to find a city map.

ohhhh oh oh oh yeah i cut off my hair. i did it. and now it is trés frais.

i love you.