first post.
i think i'll keep this one.
this blog i mean.
things are happening,
and i guess i'm pretty important, so
people should read about me and my
life and how important i am
and about what i think is important, because that
is the most important thing, i am.

the rain was really nice today, and now
that i'm working i'm irritated
because the outside is beautiful and i
have things to scan and print.
some of the images are too pixelated
and i will have to change many things.

i wonder how many people come into the library everyday.
we keep tallies, but not of how many people. it would be impossible
unless a computer did it, or unless there were
some kind of system with people counting all day. even then,
there would probably be discrepancies.
i have two library jobs now.
"the squid and the whale" sort of changed my weekend.

magical things happen every day.