la poste, il est ou?

i have to find a box to send things home.
i am leaving tomorrow for angers, and then going
to les cerqueux.
problem: ted seth jacobs hasn't written back and i don't know
if i should book a hotel in angers or not.
my train leaves really early in the morning, too... 7:30! ahhhhhh.
i suppose that if all else fails i can book a train to clermont and be
there within a few hours. no problem, not at all.
paris isn't bad.
went to centre pompidou and saw great things.
i also like the luxembourg gardens. i'm not really
crazy about being in the big city anymore.
i want to go to castles to drink cheese and eat wine.

okay, i have to go find a box and a baguette. i am so french.


oh shit

in paris and i hate the keyboards.
i am renting a room from a french guy
who stays at his girlfriend's.
it is a charming place and his roomate is nice.
only problem is the landlady lives next door and
wouldn't be happy if she knew i was there, so i am
like an open-air refugee.
london was fun and ridiculous and i really like the parks
and the museu,s.
it doesnt feel like summer time and it's cloudy and rainy
and i'm hungry and nervous. i don't know why i'm so nervous.
i have to go to the postoffice today and get a box. maybe i'll do it tomorrow.

i feel disconnected... i should really eat some food.

a bientot!



i am in london. this is it. i am drinking beer that tastes like beer at home but i can't put my finger on it so i don't care.i love you. i lourve you. i will be in france in three days. i went to the tate today and to two bars and now i am drunk. if you walk around all day you will think you are hungry and you will eat but your appetite will be minor and really what you will want is beer (i really mean 'i' instead of 'we' but i don't care).i love you, post is coming soon for some of you. there is a kandinsky exhibit opening the 22nd (i almost wrote 33nd but that doesn't esxist in our calendar so i erased it) at the TATE so i will go back and the good people (almost wrote goose) will get postcards. i saw 'un chien andaulsia' for the first time today and some stupid man ray film that had pretty imagery but stupid french music that was like amelie but really i liked it even thought it was trite and stupid and man ray was an a-hole but so were bunuel and dali i guess. i had to go all the way to london to see it (both but i really mean 'un chien...'). i liked it but i think art critisism is shit shit shit so i wont comment, I REFUSE!we are going to brighton tomorrow. i like that. i like london more than paris because paris smells like dog shit. and london has tons of parks that are prety. i am sad that i don't have my dig. camera. hopefully in france i will but today was so good and every moment i wanted a photo. tomorrow i will take my film i think. i am so excited about everywhere else. iloveyou (only some of you you know who you are i won't make a list.)sarahlienaucapshaw.

that was yesterday. now it's today.
national gallery and trafalgar square and buckingham palace
i went all over town.
now i'm at the internet cafe and all alone.
i like it.
it's cold here but apparently for the locals that's not cold.
it might rain tomorrow.
i saw the van eyck painting from my art history class and
it was so magical. so was the man in the red turban. they were
both so small. i ate a pasty (they say pasty like we saw pasta and pasta like we saw pastor). i can't understand anyone even though they all speak english.

met a cute french boy in the park. his name was steven and i showed him how to use my ikon because he has a similar kodak that was his grandfather's. he's on a grand english vacation like i am on a grand european tour.
i miss everyone. the beer is good and not too much, but the exchange is $1.80 to every £1. yowza.

anyhooo. i miss i love and it's all happening happening happening.
i want my digital camera too.


oh shit!

so that feat failed.

europe in two weeks.

it's all happening, including the anxiety attacks.

i feel like i work all the time, even though i know it's not true.

oh i am freaking out.