was so much a part of everything

entries from newest art piece:
a book with poetry and images, both deconscructed.
experimental i suppose,
here are the poems not the images. will scen all later.

THUS, a chapter of doing
of seeing,
just, i, um,
i mean you


waking up or falling to sleep
it wasn't real sleep
it was only for a moment
on a piece of paper
on a plastic stick
in a they did it in the ground
and you
never seen her again take it down
taje it down
of dancing didnt dworn
soffocating air don't remember

sad little girls
smell it anesthetic in fluids don't remember

was no baptized in the was no real
she definitley don't remember
only for it
momma hold hands saus not agin
you better be careful now
moment was a
talk on a phones on a piece
of paper
bye bye
in a plastic stick
bye bye
in a memory of some
bye bye
bye bye

i mean noboday would touch
never seen her agin said not again
it begins its begins i sadit was not
there wasnt the wrost
but to come
that awful
gun i
had no say it again


olives o l i v e s
in the olive trees
momma smell like dead babies
leaves those
arethe bradford pear trees
sticky sticky sap
your bed thinking of shit drips it on the car top
soggy south of it don"t exist like
that sleeping science of
the bathroom corner
birds not like you are supposed to
behind the door or were 'cos we were supposed to
i we didn't want it we we
i still
are! do
i still no
we go there id
know nhope
on not keep trying and maybe it will work
kup trying adn myabe
this thing i have to do titlt wul wrok
to go away say yill wrok
go away.


eighteen years eighteen years
i took 19 years to i'll be it where where
how about a beer you wnat some crack cociane
i'll break the porcelain
i'd rather not thank how about an orange juice?
cups in the cabinet all
in the bathroom near the walrus
keep the manatee safe marge
will, wull, WAll us take it down keep it down

underwater is not peaceful is not safe
seventeeth year the seventeeth year
God, you make me so anxious.

he doneup and died and keeled up over
underneath the doorknob
i don't know iwas
nt s'pposed to know abouttit so keep it
she was a cunt
secret keep it safe
little bitchy vitch
keep it secret keep it
drives a fucking truck
don't go running aroundin no cherry trees
never done nothing i mean nothing
keep it to the apples
but mean in her whole goddamnifrees
i can't help where it goes
she soled it shot where the hoe sleeps in the shed
she took it out
her daddy with that
wand whacked him dead.


i loved the same music bar

every night the same thing
so where are you now not even

in nothing i could think of
not even could imagine just think about it
the sky won't see you back
i had you for it
i'll show you sparkling pussy streets
no more shewing gum some cigs and matches
so hard up
some ashes on your polyplastic
so hard and sky sky skytable looks just like wood
the dont even have a hardware store that day and it
never rains how could anyone live there
so take it up oh my god how could you live there
want as you like

tell him to stay there his teeth
aand you want it good take my heel
are chompers he8ll eat you up up
tale your mouth

, for example i

an away

you're pretty hip to it you lovely thang
let's get together make those hips sing alon